Christian Aid Ministries Foundation

The Amazing Charitable Gift Annuity

Are you tired of swinging markets? Do you want to know that you will always get a check in the mail for the same amount, even if the markets are crashing? Check out our charitable gift annuity.

How it works: You make a one-time gift and we will make payments back to you and to your spouse, for life. Then, at your passing, any money still available will be immediately and securely transferred to charity, making a gift to the needy at your passing. Because the money is invested, some people find that they can receive income for years, and at their passing, charity still receives as much as the original donation!

Interested in What Our Charitiable Gift Annuity Can Do For You?

Take a minute to run the calculation on our free and confidential calculator, to see what your end gift and monthly payback will be.